Research Overview

A simulation to begin Change the demand level and see the change in the cumulative deficit. Also, notice the change of the drought condition... Read on! Explanations below!

Purpose of the research web-app

This app is created to show some details and simulations often omitted in publications or presentations from this research. The app is to provide a deeper understanding of the methodological approaches employed via simulations, and the communication of the results in details. The 'PROJECTS' menu regroups various chapters of this research, which will be compiled into my Ph.D. thesis.

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About me

Short Bio

Elius Etienne is a recent PhD graduate from the City University of New York - City College. He obtained his PhD in Water Resources Engineering. He worked at the university as Graduate Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant under the supervision of Prof. Devineni, and Prof. Khanbilvardi.

His PhD research focused on understanding the fundamental underpinnings of drought and its relation to supply and demand signals. He developed demand sensitive drought indices for different water use sectors that can inform stakeholders on appropriate water management practices (e.g. development of storage capacity, conservation strategies) at a location. His

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